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animal cartoon characters from Zootropolis (2016)

Zootropolis (2016)

Family Film

Sunday 1 October, 10.30am

The city of Zootopia has long been one where animals of all shapes and sizes have lived in harmony together. But when rabbit Judy Hopps joins the police force, she quickly realises that maintaining law and order on these streets is not as easy as it seems. When an otter goes missing in mysterious circumstances, Judy jumps at the opportunity to prove herself and help make a difference. Her suspicion quickly falls on wily fox Nick Wilde, a fugitive on the run. But things get really hairy when they each discover that they are the targets of a larger conspiracy, forcing the unlikely pair to team up and gradually discover that even natural enemies can become best friends. This really wild adventure combines all of Disney's stunning animation, memorable characters and heartfelt messages into one hilarious and colourful treat.


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Suitable for age 6+

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